Regional Association of Municipalities of Central Macedonia: Unanimous Decision of the Board on the Water Referendum

Regional Association of Municipalities of Central Macedonia

Unanimous Decision of the Board on

LOCAL REFERENDUM for the Privatization or not of EYATh

14 March 2014


1. – The Board agree with the decision of the Assembly of "SOS water" of 02.17.2014 (the receipt of which was attended by representatives of local government, organizations and citizens of Thessaloniki), for a referendum, in boundaries of the 11 municipalities in Thessaloniki region, served by EYATh, with the question "Do you agree with the privatization of the Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Thessaloniki SA ? YES or NO ?".

2. - The referendum will be held on Sunday, May 18, 2014, simultaneously with the first round of local elections, in the same, correspondingly, polling stations and with the same electoral lists.

3. - This referendum has a movement character, and arises primarily from the desire of citizens to reflect authentic opinion for the future management of the public goods of water supply and sanitation.

4. - The organization of the referendum will be processed:

4.1. - At central level:

  • From the 5-member Committee set up by the 11/13 decision of the Board and consisting of the Mayor Thermis Th. Papadopoulos as President, the Mayor Kordeliou-Evosmou S. Lafazanidis, the President of the Municipal Council of Thessaloniki P. Avramopoulos, the President of EYATh Workers G. Archontopoulos and the representative of the "Movement 136" L. Angelou. The 5-member Commission will coordinate all activities relating to the referendum and will take all the necessary decisions at the central level.

  • From an Executive Committee of 13 members, 11 of which will be appointed by the 11 Municipalities (1 each), 1 member shall appoint the Association of EYATh Workers and 1 member the "Movement 136".

  • From a Central Election Committee, to be appointed by the Bar Association of Thessaloniki and will consist of volunteer members without pay.

4.2. – At level of Municipalities and Municipal Communities of Thessaloniki :

  • by local steering committees established in each municipality level, and at the Municipal Department for the City of Thessaloniki, with decisions of their Municipal Councils, consisting of one representative of the relevant municipality, one representative of the Association of EYATh Workers and one representative of the "Movement 136". With the establishing decision of each local steering committee, one of the members act as a coordinator and as the link between the local and the central coordinating committee.

  • From local ballot counting committee set up in every municipality and Municipal Community of Thessaloniki, on the recommendation of the steering committees and decision of the local municipality. Head of local election committees are volunteer members of the Bar Association of Thessaloniki.

5. - The Executive Committee at regional level and the Coordinating Committees at the municipal level will consist of individuals who will have the sole responsibility for the organization and smooth operation of all the issues in the referendum of water and will not be responsible for other tasks or occupations (eg candidates) relating to municipal, regional or European elections.

6. - For awareness, mobilization and coordination of volunteers, who will implement the practical aspects of the exercise, preparation and distribution at polling stations all relevant voting material and equipment necessary for updating the local population, the organization of related publicity actions etc will be determined by the local coordination committees, with the cooperation of the Central Steering Committee.

7. - Invites the Municipal Councils of the Municipalities Ambelokipoi-Menemenis, Delta, Thermaikos, Thermi, Thessaloniki, Kalamaria, Kordelio-Evosmos, Neapolis-Sykeon, Pavlou Mela, Pilea-Chortiati, Oreokastrou

  • To adopt not later than April 4, 2014, the decisions of setting up local coordinating committees and forwarded it to the central coordinating committee

  • To provide the basic infrastructure (office and meetings space, phone line and fax, computer, email address, web site hosting etc), especially for the purposes of the referendum and until the day after it is held.